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1.  Take responsibility for your health

2.  Renew your mind

Recognize your psycho-social well-being and realize the impact your thoughts have on your health.  Practice meditation or mindfulness or moments of silence to clear your mind daily.

3.  Renew your spirit  

Establish your personal mission and learn how to live out your purpose.  Awaken your spirit daily with positive intention.

4.  Renew your body

Implement proper nutrition and exercise habits. Be aware of your body. Move and stretch your body on a daily basis. 

5.  Maximize your resources

Your ideal healthcare starts with you and your innate wealth of internal resources.  Utilize a variety of external resources.

6.  Live life in 3D

Integrate activities for the spirit, mind, and body. Be intentional about being more "present" in the present moment.

7.  Do it daily

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