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Community Based Support
LivingWellCare supports individuals through a process of transformation while living within community.
Transitioning from being a sick patient to a well person is best achieved in an environment that optimizes support and wellness resources. Through a process of reframing thoughts and behaviors people can discover their own inspiration to healthier habits and break the cycles that have prevented them from being well.
Whether a person is seeking relief from stress, chronic pain, recovery from addiction, emotional challenges, or simply looking for a way to find balance in their life, transformation is sustained with the support from a community committed to caring for the whole person.
People were created to be connected, yet our attempt to be independent or a mindset that we should be able to be well without the help of others leads many people in our community to suffer alone and without hope.
LivingWellCare provides an intentional community full of people who acknowledge the reality of their brokenness and embrace the brilliance and beauty found within them. Living a life of balance requires that a person first understand their own identity and then to find the courage to share their gifts with others. This community creates a space where everyone is welcome and all people are inspired to live authentically. In this environment truth and love are the medicine that heal people from the inside out.  
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