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LivingWell Institute (LWI) is proud to be implementing the LivingWell Family Care Model to create a System of Well-Being by creating a Community Resource Alliance within the Harrisburg School District (HBGSD).  Harrisburg has an abundance of resources, providers, and volunteers who want to get involved and help make a difference in our community. The Community Resource Alliance can help bring together these existing and available community programs, resources, providers, and volunteers to create a strong and functional support network within our community to help build trust and restore connections while strengthening the foundational support to help improve the physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being of students, families, and teachers within the HBGSD. Learn more at LivingWellFCC.

If you have a program you would like to offer within the school district or want to contribute some of your time to give back to the community, we invite you to join the Community Resource Alliance in one of three ways: (1) as a Subcontractor, (2) a Community Partner, or (3) a Volunteer. More Information can be obtained here. 

Harrisburg Community Resource Alliance

Rise Up and LiveWell!

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