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LivingWell Philosophy of Care and Values


1. Unconditional Positive Regard and Acceptance: To honor both the client and the provider, an attitude of mutual respect and love will be provided to all persons involved in the provision of physical, mental, and spiritual care. We believe that all persons should be cared for with respect and honor regardless of their condition.


2. Inclusivity: Recognizing that all persons are created equal, both those who receive care and those who provide it, we will work together in the creation of a healing community. We will serve clients as unique human beings regardless of race, sexual orientation, or belief system.


3. Empowering Individuals: The key to better health is within all of us; unlocking it is a process that is best accomplished collaboratively.


4. Integration of Care: Integrative care is recognized as an essential element for whole person healing. Coordinated care is best accomplished when we maximize the efficient utilization of both existing and recommended resources which suit the needs of the person rather than the provider(s).


5. Operational Perspectives: The operational model of LivingWell Community Alliance will be consistent with a whole person health care model. The care model is based upon a three-dimensional perspective that recognizes the interconnection of spirit, mind, and body, and is implemented by speaking truth and inspiring hope.


6. Professionalism: A shift within our culture is occurring which encourages self-care and team work. It is the objective of LivingWell Community Alliance to attract providers and consumers of care who embrace this concept and are willing to collaborate in the journey to better health. Individuals will connect person to person with a professional specially trained and committed to working together.

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