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"Illness is not just a physical phenomenon, but a burden of our being.  The cure is not as simple as a pill or procedure, but a process of mending the human spirit."

                - Dr. Penny Koval, Founder LivingWell Institute

Dr. Penny Koval is an innovator committed to helping those who suffer a multitude of chronic issues. These include physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental challenges. She and her husband, Dr. Dan Koval own Well Care Chiropractic in Hershey, PA. They have three children: Caleb, Kylee, and Karli.  The Kovals serve the health care needs of their community through education and the provision of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and wellness services.


As an integrator, Dr. Penny has managed the physical/emotional discomfort of her patients for thirty years. She founded The LivingWell Institute, a non-profit organization in 2005 and has developed a lifestyle education program for healing. Through research and experience, Dr. Penny has become a front runner in the area of Whole Person Health. Her expertise in "Integration and Balanced Living" is particularly related to the correlation between physical pain with emotional, spiritual, or mental conflict.


LivingWellCare is a team approach led by Dr. Penny to help individuals and families achieve optimal health or overcome major chronic issues.  Through integration with various resources, they guide people through roadblocks of confusion, doubt, and fear that sometimes overshadow a person's inner strength.  Dr. Penny and the Care Team have lead many back to wholeness, inspiring them to realize the source of their pain and empowering them to overcome destructive patterns to obtain good health and balanced living.

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