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Resources for Providers

"LivingWell has helped many of my patients with chronic medical conditions. Dr. Penny Koval's biopsychosocial approach is uniquely effective because it incorporates the patient into the healing process. While there may not be a "cure", the patient learns supportive skills to maintain optimum function."    -Everett Hills, MD, Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Our health and well-being requires resources and activities for the mind, body and spirit. Determining which area of health is truly compromised and the source of pain often requires more than managing symptoms, it requires discovering the cause.
Like most people who enter the local ER, a triage process occurs to determine if the condition is a matter of life and death requiring immediate attention. For those experiencing an acute injury, accident, or episode the ER or Urgent Care facility is likely the best option.
However for those who have been there and have not experienced relief from their suffering, a LivingWell Triage process may be beneficial.
Living Well Triage includes an intake process that looks at the whole person and considers physical symptoms as well as a persons lifestyle and life experiences. This triage person enables the person in need to take an active role in finding the solution and together determining what steps are necessary to obtain care that will be most efficient and effective.
Various levels of care are available to everyone and LivingWell Institute makes accommodations to meet the financial needs of all persons.
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