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Karen believes that life is the glorious and heartbreaking adventure by which we discover ourselves and the One who brings life, love, and meaning to each new day. After losing everything in a house explosion in 2014 she came face to face with a world in pain, and through that journey discovered the healing power of hope and a new beginning. In February 2016 she was introduced to Dr. Penny Koval and her vision for LivingWell resonated with Karen’s vision for healing and freedom so she completed a 6-month internship with the LivingWell Institute.  This vision continues to grow as Karen’s 75-acre property overlooking the Susquehanna River has joined with the LivingWell Institute to become the River Exchange, a place for renewal and restoration. Karen serves as the Director of Integrity, provides integrative care, spiritual mentoring, and facilitates several community programs at LivingWell Institute. Her passion is found in photography, outdoor adventure, creative expression, and inspiring people with Hope.

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