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Life’s Greatest Work

As I look at the reality of a world that has been sent home because home is the safest place to be I wonder if we are all being given a golden opportunity to “ get our house in order”?  For me, home has been a place I love to be maybe because it’s where I can be free to be me, or where my children are, or where I can easily find peace, love, and beauty. However I also know that home can be a reminder of what is missing, of painful memories, and broken dreams.  So the idea of sheltering at home brings us all either to face honestly our internal reality or choose to close off our heart and hope to survive.

A friend of mine told me once that life is an inside job.  This completely resonated with me and has caused me to realize that the greatest work that I could ever hope to be a part of in this life  is the work that I allow to take place within me. If home is where the heart is, then life’s greatest journey begins in our hearts. This is where all of life is processed, where we experience the deepest pain and the greatest pleasure.

So could it be that getting our house in order is first giving ourselves permission to be fully in touch with our own hearts? To face the fear, confront the lies, be honest with ourselves, release the pain, and begin to heal.  Yes this will take courage but Imagine what will flow from a heart that has been set free?

~ Karen Gish

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