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The Gift

As I reflect upon all of the blessings and burdens that I have endured to arrive here in the present moment, I am grateful. As I embrace the wonder of the journey that we have endured in the work of serving our community and the many lessons learned along the way, I am amazed.

And despite the laborious process, it seems that after a short time of rest I desire more…

I want more moments amidst the beauty of nature, more time connecting to old and new friends. I want more time alone in solitude to listen to the voice of Truth and more time amidst a group of people who passionately are pursuing life and what heaven really looks like on earth. I also am very aware of the cost of more.

As I consider the famous words in scripture: “For God so loved the world that He gave”, I am reminded that I must receive first before I ever truly experience the blessing of giving.

To truly be me and love all that I love, I must receive that gift from heaven. It is a divine expression given to earth and all people. It is the creation of human-kindness and I believe as keepers of our earth and all that is in it we together can make the world a better place.

I believe that is God’s promise to us and our responsibility to Him, and as we gather together sharing that commitment with each other the result is: We Become One. I believe it is the most powerful exchange that we experience and I look forward to continuing this journey.

As we embrace the beauty of fall as the leaves change, the gratitude of November and the gifts of December may we all be mindful of One another.

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