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The Start of Something New

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

"Love…Love, Love, Love." ( yes, that is a quote from The Heartbreak Kid.) As I researched catchy ways to grab the attention of my audience I saw a lot of recommendations saying that starting with a quote can be helpful… and that was the first thing that came to my mind. That, and a million other things that came rushing to my head as I think about the topic of LOVE. For the past couple years my mother, Dr. Penny Koval, founder of LivingWell Institute, has been running an iLove campaign during the month of February. Encouraging herself and others to take the month to explore the true meaning of Love and what it means to you, she and others have transparently and vulnerably shared what love is to them. Stories of who they love, what they love, how they love, self love, unconditional love, love or lust? And now, it’s my turn.

Over the next month i’ll be sharing weekly blogs and daily iLove photos that capture what love means to me. I encourage all those inspired to join me to share their iLove posts and tag @livingwellinstitute on instagram.

Day 1 out of 28- iLove…Sunrises.

What better picture to describe the start of something new than the Sunrise. As I follow in the footsteps of my mother, who has much more wisdom and an intellectual way to describe the essence of love, it will be my hope to share the unfiltered, and authentic, bursts of thoughts that enter my mind when I think about LOVE. At the ripe old age of 24 I moved out of my parents home. When I ended up in Marietta, right alongside the river, I found a new appreciation for the sunrise. I have seen several sunrises but watching the sunrise on the river and the reflection that came as the first rays of sun bounced off the water.. I was addicted. I distinctly remember being on the phone early one morning with a friend as I threw on my sandals, wrapped myself in a blanket and ran across the street to watch the sunrise. At this time it was still early spring, my toes were numb, but I was so content. For those who are unaware of the work we do at LivingWell, it can be dark. There can be times when it is difficult to always find appreciation for the little things in life. When your surroundings are so dark, your past is dark, your future does not look bright and the feeling of isolation and loneliness consumes you, my simple suggestion is to find the sunrise. The start of a new day means new opportunities and another chance to not repeat what has not been successful in the past. The sunrise is always there, but it is up to you to get out of bed and actually witness it.

- Kylee Koval

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