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We Belong Together

This Spring as most of the world was sent home to quarantine I remember feeling as though there might just be a gift hidden in this for everyone that needed to be unwrapped as a family.  I felt we were all being taken back to the beginning to restore our foundation and to reconnect to our heart.

A time of reflection is necessary to restoring connection which in turn can shift our direction.  Isolation has left us with a greater appreciation for connection and a desire for genuine and heartfelt relationships.

Despite the deep pain, tremendous loss, and widespread anxiety that our world has experienced the last 7 months I believe together we are reawakening, reviving, and restoring the heart of humanity.  Could it be that there is only one family and that we truly belong to each other? If this nation was founded as one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, our greatness will be found as we come together.

A friend of LivingWell

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