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Garry Gilliam

Garry is the founder and CEO of The Bridge. He hails from Harrisburg, PA., having attended the Milton Hershey School and Penn State University. Garry prides himself in his hunger for knowledge and love for giving back to his community. Having graduated from Penn State with multiple degrees (Business Development, Advertising and Psychology) he has always shared a love for bettering our society as a whole. His five seasons spent playing in the National Football League allowed him to build strong connections both on and off the field. Anything he puts his mind to, WILL get done. After your first meeting with him, you will immediately find out he is more than just an athlete.


My Story

Garry is a remarkable individual with a diverse range of accomplishments and a deep

commitment to making a positive impact on communities. He holds multiple degrees in Business

Development, Psychology, and Advertising from Penn State University, which have been

instrumental in his post-professional football career. Garry's journey as a serial entrepreneur has

allowed him to apply the invaluable lessons learned on the field to his ventures, enhancing his

character, perspective, focus, and business acumen.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Garry is a staunch advocate for community support,

particularly through youth empowerment and mentorship. He firmly believes that a community's

strength lies in the services, resources, and businesses that support it. With an unwavering

determination to address significant societal needs and fractures, Garry has set out to solve

pressing issues. It was during his time playing with the Seahawks that he conceptualized his

vision for The Bridge Eco-Village in Harrisburg, a sustainable, mixed-use community

ecosystem.This groundbreaking project offers solutions to the challenges faced by underserved

communities, encompassing housing, retail, co-working spaces, education opportunities,

entrepreneurship incubators, urban agriculture, and sports and entertainment. Garry's ambition

extends beyond Harrisburg, as he envisions expanding The Bridge model across the United

States and Africa, recognizing the importance of collaboration, personal and professional

growth, and sustainable business practices for future success.

Garry's influence extends to global boards, where he serves in significant capacities. As the

Chairman of the Empower the Bridge Foundation, he leads efforts to empower individuals and

communities through various initiatives. Additionally, Garry holds positions on the Board of

Directors for organizations such as the Dafe Oweh Family Fund for Africa (DOFFA), the

Intercontinental School of Economics and Applied Sciences (ISEAS), and the Family Office

RealEstate Institute (FOREI).

Recognized as an award-winning international keynote speaker, Garry captivates audiences

worldwide with his eloquence and expertise. His speaking engagements cover a wide range of

topics, including urban development, community redesign and regeneration, youth

empowerment, building generational wealth, sustainability and sustainable development,

financial literacy, and more. Garry has graced prestigious platforms such as the ELITE Global

Leaders Conference, the International Economic Forum of the Americas - World Strategic

Forum, and the PA Chamber of Business and Industry - Board of Directors Dinner, among many


Garry's remarkable journey and his tireless dedication to making a positive impact have

established him as a visionary leader, inspiring change, and transforming communities through

through his multifaceted contributions.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

The Bridge Eco-Village, LLC

2200 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17103


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