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"What I received at LivingWell was a whole lot of love and caring, not just from one or two people, but from the whole staff and community they introduced me to. When I arrived at the LivingWell Farm, I was convinced I was a complete bum. I was way over weight and completely out of shape, mentally a mess, depressed, and again spinning out of control. Through this experience, I learned you must love yourself and the only way you can do that is to get healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.  This has given me the ability to see my faults which are numerous, but it also gave me the ability to see my positives that are endless.”

LivingWell Participant and Recovery Participant

“I had fallen through the cracks of the traditional health care system. For years I had gone from specialist to specialist trying to figure out what was going on. At one point, I was taking 8 different medications daily that were constantly changing, never knowing what was doing what. LivingWell was so different from anything I had ever experienced before. Never in all of my doctor visits had I felt connected to my provider, nor that they genuinely cared about what happened after I left their office. I don't think I will ever regress to the state I was in when I came to LivingWell because of all of the lessons I learned from it.”

LivingWell Young Adult Participant

 “Initially I was drawn to LivingWell in appreciation of whole person health. In my work as a nurse educator, I realized the potential of combining the use of LivingWell concepts to teach professional caregivers how to care for themselves as well as their patients. Although LivingWell focuses care on people in need, it also has an amazing potential to care for everyone, every day. Working with LivingWell has inspired me to continue on my personal journey towards three dimensional balance and to encourage others to do the same. To that end, I’m an unwavering supporter of LivingWell.”

Sally Rudy, RN, retired Nurse Educator

“My family was in a severe car accident that could have led to death but we walked away with "minor" injuries! We had many emotional traumas that arose out of the trauma of the accident that lead to great marital conflict that had already been a struggle. The team at LivingWell was able to see past our struggles and see what we were capable of. The idea of creating a space for people to find themselves again is more than therapeutic. There was a sense of community in it that was non-threatening.  No one was there to label or identify a problem in you.  We were just there to share a similar experience for all sorts of different needs and allow ourselves to think for ourselves in a healthy environment.It pulled out the creativity that was hiding within me instead of just identifying it and sending me on my way.”

LivingWell family program participant

“I came to LivingWell on a recommendation from a friend. After quite a few individual sessions and frequently attending the Live & Learn community program, I began to gain a better understanding of the importance of whole person health and the process of integrating my body, mind, and spirit.  As a result I am able to handle stress better and stay in a healthy place rather than struggle with an imbalance. The ulcerative colitis that I came in with and was told would be a lifelong challenge is now completely gone.”

LivingWell participant

“LivingWell is different from other community-based resources due to the diverse programs they offer, as well as the diverse settings in which they offer them. The wide range of programs and services allow a much broader spectrum of individuals to engage with the support offered. It also supports the concept of multiple pathways to recovery and allows for client choice in determining aspects of their recovery plan that best fit their preferences and needs. 

The clients we have referred to LivingWell have reported experiencing a group of people who are incredibly compassionate, connected and dedicated to the lifestyle and self-care activities discussed and practiced. LivingWell has served as a strong supplement to overall recovery programs and also has proven to be the experience needed to break through plateaus or barriers to progress in treatment or sustained recovery.”

Andrew Schmitt, LCSW Regional Director of Outpatient Services, Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling 

"LivingWell has helped many of my patients with chronic medical conditions. Dr. Penny Koval's bio-psychosocial approach is uniquely effective because it incorporates the patient into the healing process. While there may not be a "cure", the patient learns supportive skills to maintain optimum function."

Dr. Everett C. Hills, MD, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

"Live and Learn provides a haven of hope for those seeking truth and meaning in a world full of fear and misdirection."

Stacey, Hummelstown

"At the end of the class I feel refreshed and hopeful. Living Well and the 3D Balance classes helped me realize that my life needs balance. They are a constant reminder that it is my responsibility to take care of me so that I can appreciate the moment, appreciate others, and live my life the way I should. Also, THE CLASSES ARE FUN!"

Julia J., Elizabethtown

"I enjoyed my experience at Live & Learn. Everyone made me feel welcomed, and I felt as if I've been with this group for a while. Teresa was a particular inspiration to me.  She carried herself so well with confidence and her words just spoke to me. She inspires me to really reach out to people and to present the best to my world all that I've got within me."

Karen Rhoad

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