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The most common types of challenges we address are:
  • Chronic pain;

  • Anxiety and depression; 

  • Addiction recovery; and

  • Individual and family crises.

The process begins with an interactive conversation with a compassionate Care Team member who creates a safe space without judgement for the person to share what brings them to LWI. From here, our Team creates an individualized plan, together with the participant, that empowers the person to actively participate in their journey to wellness. 


LivingWell services typically include a combination of one-on-one and family support along with community group activities. Our LivingWell “Lifestyle Education Programs” are provided in a variety of therapeutic environments; at the participants home, our office, or one of our nature-based locations.  

Here at LWI, we like to say "we're a family business in the business of restoring families".

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