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On your mark, get set, go!

That’s how many of us spend our lives. Racing from one task to another. No time to plan a sensible schedule, just go. The problem is that’s not sustainable. But there is hope!

Two lessons I have learned from long distance runners, having helped direct the Harrisburg Marathon for years, is the importance of a sound plan and a good pace. A sound plan involves a holistic approach where the mind, body and spirit need to be addressed.

Runners must be mindful of their current physical condition and the number of hours they can commit to a training program in order to have success. Developing a sound training program that will strengthen and develop the runner towards their goal verses overwhelming and frustrating them is essential. Taking care of their body externally and internally is very important. Everything from proper footwear and stretching to eating healthy and staying hydrated are critical to them reaching their goals.

Space Coast Half Marathon –

Developing one’s spirit plays a major role in their ability to overcome the many obstacles that arise throughout the training and actual race. Marathon runners often speak of hitting an “imaginary wall” in the later stages of a marathon where the temptation to quit becomes really strong. Being able to draw strength from deep inside one’s self determines if they’re successful.

A good pace is equally important. A runner who allows the start of the race to dictate their pace or who doesn’t factor in the days weather conditions can quickly derail all their training. Most marathons hire pacers whose job it is to run while holding a sign stating their guaranteed finishing time. These individuals sole objective is to help the runners establish a healthy pace.

Are you prepared to run life’s marathon? A sound plan and good pace might be the key!

Chip Hitz

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