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Check your stress levels

Part of the great adventure of living is developing harmony within oneself. Today while

checking out a book at the library, I sensed my irritation level rising. Why is this customarily pleasant interaction going south I pondered? The person behind the counter is wearing a mask, I can’t read their lips so I’m straining to hear and sensing that groundless irascibility is elevating. Those little emotional twinges, that we are tempted to ignore take an ever increasing toll on our health and demonstrate that we are more connected internally than we might suspect.

Becoming aware, identifying and accepting our emotions is a learned skill. Emotional awareness increases through intentionality and practice. It’s akin to checking your posture. When your physical body is not aligned properly, your mood may shift, stress increases, and you set yourself up to experience chronic stiffness and back pain. Growing in our emotional awareness can put us in alignment emotionally.

Researchers at Yamagata University in Japan have confirmed our internal connectivity through developing a device that has the ability to track human stress levels using artificial intelligence to analyze fingertips, tone of voice and facial expressions. This new device uses pulse to determine how fast your blood is pumping, a smartphone microphone to sense voice changes and a camera to capture facial expressions. Artificial intelligence software then analyzes the results for changes and charts your stress levels.

Get into a habit of carving out some time to notice how you feel at different times throughout the day. There is nothing like a quiet moment to reconnect and find your emotional balance. Cultivating your spirituality may help you learn to release control. When you are aware that you are connected to a greater whole, you may realize that you cannot control everything that happens in life. By identifying and clarifying what's most important, you can focus less on the unimportant things and eliminate some stress. Ray Hock

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