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Could You Love Me Anyway?

Could you love me anyway? This is a question most of us ask ourselves somewhere along our life's journey. While it's human nature to have a desire to love and be loved, we often act in ways that either make it difficult to love ourselves, another person, or each other. This song came across my playlist today and it really resonated. Take a listen.

I know for a fact that I am at times VERY difficult to love. And in my darkest hours, when I struggle the most, the little girl inside of me is looking out at those around me who I desire to love and be loved by, and I can hear the voice inside my head asking: Could you love me anyway? The words of this song speak to my heart: "Could you still hold me when it hurts, or would you walk away? Even if I scandalize you, cut you down, criticize you... ".

When I searched for this song and learned it's on an album by Pink (who I must admit I had never listened to) titled "Hurts 2B Human", I recognize that statement is real. And I also know that an even deeper level, the longest dark nights are always met with the hope and promise of the rising sun and a new day to learn to love and be loved.

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