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  • Dr. Penny Koval

Don’t Quit Before You Succeed!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Today we are privileged to have accessibility to an abundance of opinions and resources at the press of a button, and yet our culture cries out for something more.  Accessibility to things and information does not equate with understanding, much like purchasing a tennis racquet does not guarantee us the privilege of being a good tennis player. 

Balance, boundaries, health, wholeness, and holiness are words that one could easily find in the self-help section of the local book store. But how many of us in pursuit of better health, a peaceful life, and a healthy work/life balance  have failed, knowing those words, but never having experienced them?

It has become real to me that no one can go through a day, week, or moment without having the opportunity to experience both positive and negative experiences. So why do we have expectations that everything will be ok?

My Dad once said: “There is no such thing as failure, one just quits before they succeed.”  So why when it comes to life do we always try to avoid the pain?  Death is inevitable and life is a choice to either do it well, or be miserable, in our attempt to press forward towards something more.

I am reminded that life teaches us the lessons we are meant to learn.  The human experience is our response to such lessons. This week as I sit and listen to horrible stories of drugs, violence, abuse, neglect, and ultimately life and death, it is clear to me that there is no easy answer.  

LivingWell Integration is just a process that helps us gain understanding, resiliency, and tools to weather the storms that we will inevitably experience in our lives. 

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