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Embracing the Shade from a Tree in Winter

As we journey through the remaining two weeks of 2020, we do so with great hope for a bright future and tremendous opportunities individually and as a community in the New Year.

In the natural world in the Northern Hemisphere, Monday December 21st is the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. And to many, this signifies the concept that “it is darkest before dawn”, it can also be seen as the coming of increasing light.

The journey of life, regardless of what season we find ourselves in, is full of both light and dark. We often equate light with “good” and dark with “bad”. Yet much like a car battery that requires a positive and negative charge - both are essential and real parts of our human existence.

Imagine a tree and what happens when the light from the sun casts a shadow behind the tree. Much like our own shadow that is created when there is light in front of us, it’s easy to believe that shadows create or represent fear, something negative, or something bad.

What if you considered that a tree which creates shade with it’s shadow could be a beautiful opportunity to rest and enjoy a moment to reflect within and around you? If we embrace the object that is shielding us from the amazing power of the sun, or something so bright and positive that it’s too intense to bear, then the shadow becomes a blessing and a refuge.

Take a moment to be reminded that as we find ourselves amongst the shadows, the simple practice of embracing the shade and basking in the beauty that life has to offer in all of its wisdom and knowledge can help us to become healthy and whole.

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