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FInding Our Common Ground to Turn the Tide of Addiction

With the use of masses and money to pursue the Epidemic of Addiction that is often associated with trauma, our ability to take a closer look at the cause of pain and suffering will reveal the solution of a problem that is too big for any one program, company or person to fix. 

Gaining understanding and being responsible people on a mission to improve the quality of life both personally and professionally has never been more relevant.  Everywhere we turn we are seeing the need for change, however our ability to co-labor or find agreement has created a culture full of stress and disconnection.

How do we find common ground where all can gather for the sake of ONE.  And how is the burden shared so that the solution becomes a joint effort?  

Change is a necessary and inevitable ingredient in an attempt to see something new rise from the ashes of the pain and suffering that is experienced in the lives of people.

Taking responsibility starts with recognizing that we are all part of the problem and the solution.  The question is, can we trust those to our left and right, without being triggered by the experience of our past, the pain of our presence and the fear for our future? 

~ Penny Koval

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