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Going Beyond!

Starting a New Year is usually exciting because we give ourselves permission to hit the reset button on our lives and dream of new possibilities. My Mother always said that January was her favourite month because it was a month to slow the fast pace of life down and recharge.

So whether we find ourselves taking off with renewed vision or slowing down to find ourselves again we will need to intentionally initiate some change. Taking initiative for many, including myself can be rather frightening. The routine is disrupted, the cost needs to be counted, and the unknown is well, unknown and therefore risky.

I clearly remember a day several years ago when I realized that if I wanted something new I would need to leave the old in order to step into the new. It simply came down to a daily choice of living each day unscripted and willing to say yes.

Taking initiative is actively choosing to participate in life and in many ways is like an adventure to the moon. It will take us beyond what we have known and what we have experienced into a new realm of discovery. The sky is the limit so prepare for liftoff!

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