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Going the Distance

The coronavirus has turned each of us into long distance runners whether we like it or not. However, this marathon is unique and calls for special abilities to get to the finish line. Let me explain.

The normal skills for running a marathon can actually work against you in this coronavirus run. Usually, a runner takes months to prepare for a marathon. It is not unusual to actually walk or run the course and plan out where the toughest places are that will test your body, mind and spirit. With a lot of preparation and planning a runner is ready to run the 26.2 miles of the course.

The marathon that we have been called to run is anything but a normal marathon. First, we’ve been called to run with little if any preparation. Not only have we not walked the course pre-race, but the course is changing all along the way. As if that wasn’t enough the finish line keeps moving further and further out.

For a runner, this is the hardest race to run.

But run we must. So, here are a few helpful coaching hints. First, since there was no time to plan, you will need to be adaptable on the run. You won’t know when you are approaching the hardest part of the course, so you will need to conserve energy and be prepared for the changing course. Reward yourself for the distance traveled rather than being disheartened by an extending finish line.

We will all run in this pandemic marathon. Take care of your body and remember this is not a 100-yard dash but a long-distance race, so don’t push yourself to the limit. In a normal race the mind can play tricks on a runner, but on an ever-changing course you have to guard your thoughts so you don’t get caught up in disturbing mind games. Most runners I know feed off of the hope of the finish line. When that line is ever-changing your spirit has to be nourished by gratitude for how far you’ve come and not in a known finish line.

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