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The Truth about Love

Love without Truth is not Love

Truth without Love is not Truth

To date there has always been this amazing internal presence that feeds my soul. Growing up surrounded by family and friends in natural settings I was always curious about the presence that was within me, as well as what I experience amidst my connection to nature and people. I have spent my entire personal and professional life gaining understanding of such connections and have yet to completely understand. But what I do know is...

I believe that the internal presence within us all is Love and while it oftens reveals a tangible earthly expression it is a divine experience that comes from heaven. All living things long for connection and every person is born with a desire for love. Despite growing up around a lot of people, I found nature to be a welcomed resource to regain my inner connection to love. I perfected the practice of pursuing this love in solitude and for many years such presence was then released as I connected to those around me.

I recall gaining clarity when considering that love for me was much like water entering a space. It starts to occupy the lowest place and invades every nook and cranny as it rises. It honors boundaries that may exist by going around them or the boundary may diminish over time allowing love to infuse a dry and empty space.

As a lifelong care provider I became aware of the healing power of this love. Initially, I wanted to be sure that this invasive presence was pure, so I explored my intention and found mystery and God everywhere. I also discovered my ego and became aware of both the light and dark within me. I realized that this Divine intention within me was not me, but was of God and it was love. This love seems to be the inter-connection between the Human and the Divine. I was inspired by my inner knowing, however explaining it to others was a monumental task and it continues to be my greatest challenge.

In the healthcare system the reality of God compromises an evidence based approach proclaiming insufficient and inconclusive science, negating the reality of such Divine presence. And in the faith community, theology often compromises the appreciation of all God’s creation in search of knowing the truth. In both environments the end result is being right or knowing the truth is more important than love and the desire to be connected.

For me this presence-love, in its purest sense is the essence of all living and breathing things. It has the power to heal and yet it can hurt. It longs for pleasure, but often creates pain. It is meant to be a blessing, but often feels like a burden. Love is not controlled, yet it must be handled with great care and expressing it must be done with wisdom and truth. Somehow it seems that Love and Truth are interconnected, almost as if one cannot exist without the other.

It appears to be increasingly impossible with all that is going on around us to continue to exist freely as we once did. As we live amidst an epidemic of fear and social distancing fans the flame of divisiveness, truth seems to be determined by whoever has the most power, money or loudest voice, rather than by what is real and what is true. Without truth, there is no freedom. And without freedom, love cannot flow into those places and spaces that need occupied and connected.

The freedom to walk in our own truth and love is a desire that exists within all of us and ultimately we choose to exist freely or be consumed by fear. The challenge is overcoming the barriers to give and receive love and truth. My hope is that you will exercise freedom within and around you and be inspired to consider the choice to walk in truth and love inviting others to do the same. May this year bring about an opportunity for something new, something more, may you have the courage for change as you initiate a journey to living well.

Happy Valentine's Day !

WIth Love from your LivingWell Family

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