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Taking Responsibility to Respond

“At some point we come to the reality that life will be full of challenges and troubled times may not be your fault, but they do become your problem.  How you respond to these struggles will determine your identity as a victim or a victor.   Life is a matter of perspective… choose the truth that sets you free and live your life full of love.”

-Penny Koval

Taking responsibility does not always mean a person needs to do more, it may mean just be still and gain an understanding of the present moment. 

The concepts of mindfulness, contemplation, personality profiling, and spiritual awakenings may all be part of the journey. But getting started will require that you give yourself permission to have an original opinion that is yours.  

Taking responsibility may not mean pursuing solutions externally to resolve an inner conflict. It is much more likely that it may require you to stop and take a look deep within.

~ Penny Koval

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