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The Divine Dance

As I consider Divine Order I am aware that I have limited perspective and there are deep philosophical truths that others have spent their life studying to gain understanding, however for me Truth reveals itself in the moment and when combined with love provides you a perspective that is without tension and control.  Living life in the flow includes an upstream and downstream reality, one pressing against all that is in your midst and the other a complete surrender and a willingness to embrace what the journey of life reveals before you.

I believe the Divine Dance is an ongoing exchange between heaven and earth that provides the evidence of our inspiration.  A Dance in the natural is usually physical movement that reveals an inner connection with mind and spirit.  If the dance is divinely inspired there is an inner connection between the divine and the human.  If the dance is a perfect choreography that utilizes the skills and knowledge of the dancer, that can reveal beauty…and at times the talents of a dancer can be expressed with flow even when there is little or no spirit and the sight can inspire others and move them in their inner being.  However, when a dancer is dancing in mind, body and spirit,  heaven invades earth and the natural becomes supernatural.

Penny Koval

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