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Just Breathe!

Frequently when a friend is ‘having a hard time dealing with things or ‘spinning’ as we call it, I find myself saying “take a deep breath or catch your breath”. I realize that in the time of taking a deep breath we often can find the energy to recenter and let go of the negative which may bring clarity to a situation.

Recently, when trying to catch my own breath during one of those days, I became aware that when I hold my breath, I’m constricting any of the positive energy that comes with breathing. It’s my way of controlling the situation that often is uncontrollable and limits my perspective. Is it possible that the mere action of taking a deep breath or expanding our chest allows us the opportunity of something new? This new possibility can bring peace and perspective.

When life brings you those days, and everything feels like your need to brace yourself from the outside pressure or shut down, give yourself the chance to open your perspective by expanding your breath and being open to new possibilities which according to the plethora of research on the benefits of deep breathing, may also help lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and increase your energy just to mention a few benefits. Breathe!!

A friend of LivingWell

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