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Welcoming Change!

If there is one thing, I hear frequently it is - how difficult it is to change. Change is difficult for most of us, but change happens whether we choose it or not. Living in central Pennsylvania provides me the opportunity to experience the wonder found in the change of seasons. This change is one I often dread especially when the warm days of summer change to the cool crisp days of fall. It’s in the heat of August, I often wonder if I will ever be able to open my house windows or walk in a cool breeze. However, when the seasons shift, I find myself longing for the warmth of the sun. Am I ever content?

One thing that helps me accept this change is the spectacular view of color that arrives simultaneously to the drop-in temperatures. And when this color is over, the leaves fall, I am reminded of the promise of new life to come. If only all change could be observed that easily and predictably.

We are all in a season of life and change happens. Sometimes, we hope for the difficulties of the present to pass and sometimes we find contentment in where we are currently, but seasons don’t last. Life will change and it’s up to us to look for the ‘colors’ and embrace the change.

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